Software QA and Test Automation Consulting

Attellsoft provides comprehensive consulting services to help establish an effective QA process  that is tailored to your project’s specifics. 

Trusted Software QA Consultants

Software QA and test automation consulting services will help to eliminate QA process constraints why achieving higher QA maturity and efficiency.

We will go into your company’s existing processes to detect and fix weaknesses to ensure there is compliance with your niche requirements.

We will not take over tasks or service provision but will help to build a bridge between your managers and technical teams.

When You Should go for QA Consulting

Non-effective QA process

There is a lack of business awareness among your team.

Reviewing and stabilizing scripts devour a lot of time.

Non-optimized QA process

You have no consistent process and/or framework architecture.

There is little or no process automation.

Software Testing Consulting Step by Step

First stage
New Project

Our consultants study the relevant documents, interview stakeholder subgroups, and examine the existing QA procedures.

Second stage
Analysis and planning

We have a look at your project. The consulting team identifies problems in QA process, their possible solutions , and risks and limitations related to solution implementation. Our team develops an action plan with specific tasks and timelines, identifies the target KPIs and designs a roadmap to fulfill them based on the solution and risk analysis.

Third stage

Upon the customer’s approval, the team implements the proposed solutions, supervises the process, prevents possible issues and addresses the actual ones .  Our team of consultants ensure knowledge is transfered to the customer's QA team.

Final stage

Attellsoft QA consultants supervise your team for some time, ready to step in and address possible problems.

We want to be on the same page with you and document. 

You can always track the progress we made during previous phases and give your approval before advancing up to the next level.

We are always available for you !

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Free Trial

We provide you assistance for 10 working hours without any charges.

Testing Plan

Workout and deliver a complete testing plan for your app/product.

Money back

Guaranteed money back in case you are not satisfied with our services.